• Please leave some headroom in your mixes! Bounce/render files at -6db to -3dbs MAX. I cannot work with anything that is already slammed at 0db

  • Please turn off your compressors & limiters!

  • For transferring files, I prefer sites such, Google drive,, and Please don't use sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload.

  • Please provide the highest quality versions of your stereo mixes. WAV or AIFF files at 24 bits are preferred. No MP3s. Any sample rate up to 96kHz is acceptable.


  • Please provide 8 to 16 stereo tracks for proper stem mixing.

  • Please make sure each stem has proper headroom (Around -6db is optimal)

  • Stems should be rendered at 24-bit, and any sample rate up to 96khz (44khz or 48khz is just fine.)

  • I also prefer WAV/AIFF files, but can also open Pro Tools (version 9 through 12) sessions or Ableton Live Sessions.

  • Please zip your folders and send using sites like, Google Drive, and

  • Please refer to this additional handy stem preparation guide to help you prepare your stems.


  • Please contact me directly with details for what you have in mind for a recording session.